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Why Individuals Baked So A lot Bread Throughout Quarantine: An Rationalization

The coronavirus pandemic has radically modified our lives, shedding gentle on myriad programs that plague us on nationwide and worldwide ranges. And it has additionally given rise to ungodly quantities of selfmade bread. First, anxious consumers hoarded loaves of bread from the grocery retailer, emptying cabinets earlier than we even started sporting face masks. In […]

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The 20 Funniest Tweets From Women This Week (April 18-24)

CINDERELLA: were you always my fairy godmother FAIRY GODMOTHER: yes, always CINDERELLA: so you watched my stepmother horribly mistreat me for years and did nothing FAIRY GODMOTHER: CINDERELLA: FAIRY GODMOTHER: CINDERELLA: FAIRY GODMOTHER: look what i can do to this pumpkin — Jill la Jill (@JillianKarger) April 21, 2020