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Easy Summer Dessert Recipes That Couldn’t Be Simpler

Let’s face it, by now you’ve had enough coronavirus-era sourdoughs and banana breads to last you a lifetime. If you want to bake something new ― or better yet, not bake anything at all ― we’ve got 31 super-simple dessert ideas for you.

Not everyone’s definition of an “easy” dessert is the same, we know. For one person, easy means baking a cake from scratch without decorating it, while for others it means popping open a plastic cup of instant pudding and dipping in a spoon. (We endorse both.)

The recipes below range in difficulty level, but all offer an easier version of something that could be a whole lot harder. For instance, you’ll see ice cream cakes that are made with store-bought ice cream, tarts made with frozen puff pastry, cheesecakes that require absolutely no baking and cobblers whose ingredients can all be dumped into one big pot.

Delicious desserts don’t need to be fussy. Go ahead and pick your favorites now, and enjoy all the time and effort you’re about to save.