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Mariah Carey Desires To Be In ‘Imply Women’ Sequel, Says She’ll Write A Music For It

On Wednesdays, we put on pink. On Fridays, we talk about Mariah Carey’s timeless love for “Imply Women.”

The singer appeared on Billboard’s “Quizzed” video sequence alongside Tina Fey this week and the pair mentioned the long-lasting 2004 movie. Within the video, Fey quizzes Carey ― whom she calls “the Michael Jordan of ‘Imply Women’ trivia” ― and Carey nails it.

Along with realizing that Gretchen Weiner’s father invented Toaster Strudel and that Ms. Norbury teaches 12th-grade calculus, Carey remembers small moments from the movie like what band Cady Heron’s mother and father went to go see and the diet bars that Regina eats to “drop some pounds.”

One of many highlights of the dialogue is when Fey and Carey recall the scene when The Plastics carry out “Jingle Bell Rock” for his or her annual expertise present routine. 

The 50-year-old Grammy winner then suggests she’d write a brand new Christmas track particularly for a sequel, which Fey emphatically helps.

“I positively wish to be in it as effectively!” Carey provides. “I don’t know as who. Possibly I could be associates with Amy Poehler as, like, her different pal that wears sweatsuits.”

As Gretchen would say: That’d be so fetch.