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Ludacris Opens Up About Fatherhood And His New Platform For Youngsters

For Ludacris, there’s no extra highly effective software than music. That’s why he’s making an attempt to harness this energy to coach children and create a greater future for all.

The rapper’s latest initiative, KidNation, goals to supply “a enjoyable, secure, and academic media platform” for kids. The undertaking focuses on music movies with well timed constructive messages ― like “Get Alongside,” which is about acceptance and inclusivity, and “Keep Clear,” which reminds children to clean their arms.

“It’s geared towards making an attempt to counterpoint and empower the following era, influenced by my very own kids and wanting them to stay in a greater world than we stay in,” Ludacris informed PoliFonics. “I wish to reinforce the constructive morals and teachings as a mother or father, particularly throughout a time the place there’s extra home-schooling occurring. To condense it, I simply wish to assist children develop as much as be higher adults.”

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Ludacris has three daughters ― Karma, Cai and Cadence. He and his spouse, Eudoxie Bridges, additionally take care of her little sister, Christella, who’s across the identical age as his oldest daughter.

With a full home of youngsters ages 5 to 18, the rapper joked that he’s fortunate to stay on a property with 22 acres of land in order that he can “stroll outdoors each 15 minutes in an effort to keep sane.”

On a extra severe be aware, Ludacris emphasised that his daughters had been “the springboard” for KidNation and his most essential check group, reviewing every bit of content material on the location and providing their suggestions. He stated he’s glad to see the songs having a constructive influence on their growth as nicely.

“We have now a music about doing all of your chores and getting rewarded afterwards,” the dad defined. “My youngest daughter watched it one time and pulled a stool as much as the sink and began washing the dishes. I requested, ‘What are you doing?’ And he or she stated, ‘My birthday is arising, and I would like to have the ability to get a reward for doing my chores as nicely.’ That’s an ideal instance of music and affect turning to motion.”

Ludacris has three daughters, and he and spouse Eudoxie Bridges additionally take care of her little sister.

Ludacris has lengthy been thinking about child-friendly content material (see his epic “Llama Llama Purple Pajama” freestyle). He stated he’s been working towards a undertaking like KidNation for about 10 years and was glad to see it come collectively in collaboration along with his enterprise accomplice Sandy Lal.

“We’d been engaged on these songs for thus lengthy, and we realized it was essential to launch them now,” stated the rapper. “Hygiene and getting alongside ― these are conversations we have to have with our kids. And repetition by influential music is the proper catalyst to get these concepts embedded of their consciousness and even subconsciousness as a result of we all know how influential music is for youths.”

Upcoming matters will embrace consuming extra water, consuming greens and dealing arduous at school. Along with providing authentic music movies, KidNation encourages kids to make their very own content material and affords inspiration like lists of at-home actions.

Though the principle objective of KidNation is to coach and enrich children, Ludacris stated he’s realized over the previous few months of racial reckoning and pandemic lockdown that adults have lots to study from kids.

“Youngsters can generally educate us extra or reinforce extra to us than we are able to to them,” he stated. “They’re so harmless, they usually lead with a lot love.”