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Kimmel Trolls Whole State Of New Jersey With A Loving Tribute To Authorized Weed

New Jersey is about to get authorized marijuana, together with leisure pot, and late-night host Jimmy Kimmel is right here to assist them by way of the method.

Kimmel stated Tuesday that critics have warned authorized weed would result in rising crime, however he identified that didn’t occur in California. 

“Actually all it did was double the variety of naps we take,” he stated. “And our favourite gummies are not bear.”

Kimmel congratulated the Backyard State, then identified that it’s solely becoming, given the state’s flag: 

New Jersey state flag

“There’s no method that whoever designed their state flag wasn’t excessive once they did it,” he cracked. “You bought two ladies, one’s acquired a hat on a stick. You’ve acquired a protect, a horse’s head, a knight’s helmet or one thing like that, and a backdrop the colour of my mother’s kitchen in 1981.” 

Then, Kimmel, a longtime fan of authorized weed, urged some Jersey exclusives: