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Julian Edelman Invitations DeSean Jackson To Holocaust Museum After ‘Hitler’ Publish

Jackson shared a quote on his Instagram story that warned of a Jewish plot to realize world domination on the expense of Blacks. The passage is a fabricated citation that Hitler had nothing to do with. 

The Eagles condemned Jackson’s actions, and the participant — who’s Black — apologized. Edelman stated in a viral Instagram Thursday that the 2 would profit from an “uncomfortable dialog.” Jews and Blacks share a previous of being attacked by the ignorant and hateful, stated Edelman, who added that he now identifies as Jewish.

“We have to have these uncomfortable conversations if we’re going to have actual change,” Edelman stated within the clip. “So to that finish, DeSean, let’s do a deal. How about we go to D.C., and I take you to the holocaust museum, and then you definately take me to the [National] Museum of African American Historical past and Tradition? Afterwards, we seize some burgers, and we have now these uncomfortable conversations. This world wants a little bit extra love, compassion and empathy.”