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John Oliver Exposes The Trump-Sized Gap In The ‘Bats**t Theories’ Of QAnon

“If you’re fortunate sufficient to not find out about what QAnon is and are considering ‘let me Google that,’ please don’t,” the “Final Week Tonight” host warned on Sunday, then supplied his personal abstract: 

“The conspiracy entails a variety of batshit theories, however very mainly many QAnon supporters consider in a world conspiracy involving a hoop of Devil-worshipping, child-molesting criminals led by distinguished Democrats, that features everybody from Hillary Clinton to Tom Hanks to a Mexican cement firm. In addition they consider details about it’s being leaked by way of cryptic posts on the web by somebody with very excessive ‘Q-level’ safety clearance, which sounds simply as made-up because it undoubtedly is.”

However Oliver stated there’s an enormous flaw in that idea. 

“The principle one who’s working to root out the satanist pedophiles is Donald Trump, which is just a little bizarre as a result of… you realize,” he stated, gesturing to a photograph of Trump with Jeffrey Epstein, the kid sexual predator who killed himself in jail final yr: